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Hello World

My name is D. Leigh and I am a serial un-finisher. 

My ambition, high learning curve and goals are usually subverted by my inability to concentrate and care once a level of proficiency has been reached and the next thing to learn has cropped up. In other words – ooo, shiny!!! 

This has lead to good things in some aspects. I have tried everything. I have worked at canning vegetables and making my own jams to fixing engines and writing programs. 

The frustration comes as an (sort of) adult. I look back on the novels that I’ve finished the first draft of but never saw through till publication, the toys half sewn, the world half done. 

A quarter of my life is over and for the rest of it I think I would like to finish most of the things I start and this is a way of making myself accountable even if only to the blank screen in front of me. 

So, Hello World. 


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