Life Project #2 – Patience

This is something I’ve wanted to do for awhile. My high learning curve and IQ has made it possible for me to learn many things and I’ve accomplished a lot in comparison to the average person my age.

But when something doesn’t come to me instantly, I throw my hands up in frustration. I’m not used to being unable to learn things after just one reading or one video I get frustrated. I then bang away at the subject until I understand and if I don’t understand after that my self-esteem that is achingly low will perk up. You

    are not

good enough. You will never be.

My failing at life project one and this blog tapering off are signs of this. It is too hard, too ambitious and I will never be good enough.

So, to start over, I’m going to try and cultivate patience with myself.

Goal, set, match.


D.I.Y. Project #1 – Toy Mouse finished!!



Everyone Welcome Thaddeus the Mouse to the world!

Now this is…a rough approximation of what this toy should look like. The ones that Abby Glassberg makes are so so so much cuter but Thaddeus has a certain charm.

Things I Wish I Had Gotten –

Invisible Thread – I thought the black thread showing would give it a neat look and it probably would if I was more careful with my stitching. The effect of the exposed thread gives it the homemade look I was going for but makes it look amateurish and honestly a little creepy. But Thaddeus does make the kiddo happy, at least that is what I take from him attempting to put the whole of his head into his mouth. It also pairs nicely with his lion and I told him about the Androcles and the Lion (fable link here).

Craft Glue – Whip-stitch for the feet and arms makes it very safe but it bunches the body underneath and ruins some of the effects.

And finally – a sewing machine. I like sewing by the hand-sewing on the larger parts is really just a way for my laziness to prevent me from making the stitches close and much better.

Next project to come!

Food Project #1 – My Last Supper (but not really)

This project is inspired by the 2007 book by Melanie Dunea called, you guessed it, “My Last Supper” which profiles 50 great chefs and what their ideal last meal would be, who they would eat it with, if their would be music and what would be to drink.

I can cook fairly well so what I’m learning this project is the balance of putting together a meal and to plan a menu.

So if the menu was based on the idea of my last meal, the last things I would ever eat, I would want two things 1) Everything would be homemade and bought locally, either by me or my dinner companions, but nothing store bought or pre-made. 2) I would want something for each person in my life, their favorite food or drink. Family has always been central to my life, even when I was flying solo, they were never far from my mind.

When I left home for the first time my Dad was the one who manifest as an absent pretty frequently. I remember the first time being away from home I went out and had a bottle of orange juice and cardboard box of chocolate milk because every time we went out to breakfast my dad would order both of those and drain them in alternating gulps. I remember staring at my purchase and feeling the weight of their presence in my life.

The problem is – how do I concentrate all of that goodness into a meal? How to I put my childhood, which could have been written by Mark Twain for all the amazing adventures and colorful characters that have populated it, into a meal that is small enough to consume over the course of a few hours?

There was one that was easy. My one and only dining companion at my last supper. His favorite food is actually akin to him. It is simple yet complex and full of flavor. Granted nothing comes close to the actual man, but his choice for this part of the meal would be as brilliant as him.

The biscuit.

Now the perfect biscuit is something pretty intense. The Rancher will always recommend Pine State Biscuits from Portland, OR.

I’m going to try three recipes, the first from A Cozy Kitchen whose Buttermilk Biscuits look mouthwatering.

After that, Smitten Kitchen’s cream biscuits which look like they would go amazing with a chili or curry.

And the Buttermilk Biscuits from my 1,000 page gourmet cookbook (not kidding, the biscuit recipe is on page 596).

All of these call for White Lily flour which is a flour that is more delicate than all purpose flour. The first thing you would notice if you bought a bag of the White Lily flour is that the bag is much taller than normal flour bags because the flour weighs so much less to get the same 5lbs or whatever quantity you buy it in, more flour needs to be used.

This means the fluffy light biscuits which makes the most delicate and delicious biscuits would be the same in the package as it mixed in.

So Part 1 of Project 1 – The perfect biscuit.

Goal, set, Bake!

Hello World

My name is D. Leigh and I am a serial un-finisher. 

My ambition, high learning curve and goals are usually subverted by my inability to concentrate and care once a level of proficiency has been reached and the next thing to learn has cropped up. In other words – ooo, shiny!!! 

This has lead to good things in some aspects. I have tried everything. I have worked at canning vegetables and making my own jams to fixing engines and writing programs. 

The frustration comes as an (sort of) adult. I look back on the novels that I’ve finished the first draft of but never saw through till publication, the toys half sewn, the world half done. 

A quarter of my life is over and for the rest of it I think I would like to finish most of the things I start and this is a way of making myself accountable even if only to the blank screen in front of me. 

So, Hello World.