Life Project #2 – Patience

This is something I’ve wanted to do for awhile. My high learning curve and IQ has made it possible for me to learn many things and I’ve accomplished a lot in comparison to the average person my age.

But when something doesn’t come to me instantly, I throw my hands up in frustration. I’m not used to being unable to learn things after just one reading or one video I get frustrated. I then bang away at the subject until I understand and if I don’t understand after that my self-esteem that is achingly low will perk up. You

    are not

good enough. You will never be.

My failing at life project one and this blog tapering off are signs of this. It is too hard, too ambitious and I will never be good enough.

So, to start over, I’m going to try and cultivate patience with myself.

Goal, set, match.